Getting Fit to the Core - the 90 day fitness challenge at Peake Fitness Continues
3rd September 2017
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Just before the Summer holidays started, I completed my first 30 day session with PT Josie Pavey, as the first part of my  Peake Fitness 90Day Fitness Challenge. It’s been fantastic seeing my fitness levels increase & the noticeable improvement in my running. I’m no Mo Farah, but tackling longer distances at a faster speed has certainly happened.

But then here’s the problem; 6 weeks of school holidays, two of which are abroad with all the trappings of great food and beer. I managed a couple of runs (Sweden has challenging terrain; it’s quite a bit hillier than Suffolk) but if I’m honest, I wasn’t exactly exercising three times a week.


So, as soon as I returned, my priority was sorting out the next 30 days of my 90 Day fitness challenge.


My PT this month is Chris Harding. Chris has been a PT at Peake Fitness for two years and has totally impressed me with his knowledge and passion for fitness. He told me his passion stems from believing wholeheartedly he can improve someone’s lifestyle, whether it’s fitness, or reaching a particular goal. I also believe, as Chris explained, that training is excellent not just for the body but a great way to clear the mind and stay on track with life’s goals and ambitions.

As I have written in previous artices, I  sustained some injuries lugging myself around a half marathon competition earlier this year. An excellent session with Sudbury chiropractor Alexander Smith really helped ( You can read about it here) But I have been mindful about my back and ankles. I’m not a young bendy person anymore and the last thing I need, is an injury.

With this in mind, September’s training focus is all about building up strength in my back and core muscles. I’ll be honest, I didn’t realise how important looking after these muscles are for preventing injury, especially if you run.

So far, here is  a taster of the exercise plan Chris has worked out for me:

After the warm up (10 minutes on the treadmill) I experienced my first deadlift. To avoid future back problems, Chris demonstrated why lifting weights (properly of course) help your back.

I’d always assumed this would be a sure fire way of doing in my back in,  but, with the correct stance and not lifting anything too heavy too soon, this helps work the  muscles in your stomach and  your back.

This was followed by a series of rear deltoid dumbbell rows to help develop strength in my upper arms and back. I did 10-15 repetitions, using a weight I felt challenged by, but not impossible to work with.

We then moved to the lateral pull down, where I series of controlled pulls, again using a weight that was challenging but not impossible.

I finished the session on the rowing machine. I love rowing. It reminds me of my University days when I used to row for my House and cox incredibly badly the university team (Don’t be too impressed, Loughborough is famed for its rugby and athletics, not for its rowing. There’s a reason for that. We weren’t very good)

Outside the PT sessions, to help me continue to work on the back and core muscles, Chris suggested I do the high intensity class Abs and Back. This is a 30 minute class on a Wednesday evening at Peake Fitness. It works specifically on those areas & is extremely hard, but very effective. If you’re looking to strengthen your core, you must give it a go. You don’t have to be a member of Peake Fitness to attend, but you do need to call and book your place. You can take a look at all their classes here


I’m really looking forward to my next two sessions with Chris. I will be updating my progress, good and bad, through social media. Feel free to comment and add any encouraging words 

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