Fun Things For Halloween: Scaresville
13th October 2014
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I love Halloween. Not only is the day itself my Birthday, but the whole feeling of it is radically different from most widely-celebrated holidays. You wouldn't, for instance, describe Christmas or Easter with words like 'macabre' or 'sinister', but both of these apply perfectly to this brilliantly spooky occasion. But let's say you're not a huge lover of trick-or-treating, what else is there to do? Well, just around the corner from Sudbury, down in Kentwell Hall, there's an annual event with a ghoulishly appropriate name...Scaresville: The Haunted Village. 

At Scaresville, a group of 8 (or 12, if you require) horror-loving friends can tour the expansive, multi-staged trail which is set up lovingly by the Scaresville staff each year. From my past experiences, each trip begins by making your way through several themed rooms brimming with creepy details and eerie noises. One of the rooms for example, may contain hundreds of spiderwebs, whilst another - and a favourite of mine - might have a creepy jack-in-the-box sitting idly in it, maybe not even moving until your back is turned. Hopefully this gives you an idea of what you're in for, but words can't really convey accurately just how enjoyable and frightening it is once you actually arrive. 

You might be asking yourself: 'But what about if I have already been before? Will it still be worth it?' Definitely. I've been three years in a row and have thoroughly enjoyed every time. Of course, certain extravagant structures may remain the same, but many of the smaller scares are shuffled around each year to keep things fresh and entertaining. Another variable which you yourself can control to keep things fresh is the people who you actually visit Scaresville with. After all, it's always fun to introduce something terrifying to scaredy-cats. The only limit is that your party must be between 8-12 people, but this amount is perfect, as any more would mean certain members of your group don't get to properly experience some of the more choreographed scares.

So if you've never attended, definitely book your tickets, and even if you have before, book some more! Scaresville opened its gates last Friday on the 10th of October, and runs all the way up until the 1st of November. Tickets usually can be purchased for around the £20 mark, but prices may vary depending upon when you attend, and whether it's during a peak-time. As I mentioned, I've attended multiple times, and have thoroughly enjoyed every one. For a genuinely fun and creepy experience this Halloween, Scaresville: The Haunted Village is certainly a great option for anybody living within the Sudbury area. For some more information, go and visit the offical website here

Have a devilishly good time!

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