Expert Circles Autumn Visitors Day
2nd October 2018
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We can promise an interesting mix of professional, business people and tradespeople.

The spread of expertise is wide and most of us do business with most of us.

More importantly though, we refer each other to opportunities we see which are relevant to the Circle members’ expertise.

Naturally, Expert Circles has regular activities to develop the core values of knowing, liking and trusting each other.

One way we do that is by Expert presentations. A member will share some expertise and our understanding of what makes them special is firmly planted.

There are opportunities for members of other Circles to present, and to visit of course.

External speakers are also brought in occasionally as members require a certain expertise.

All members, either in business or professionals have experience and expertise which they share with each other to solve those difficult business questions. A one-person business is a lonely life and Expert Circles offers a non-Executive Board type support. We all want your success and share our experience and expertise advance your business.

Simply put, we help one another succeed.

There are videos on the Expert Circles website, along with member profiles and the events.

If you'd like to join us for Visitors Day, please get in contact. If you've not been to Expert Circles before, then breakfast is on us!

There are active Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn social media conversations.  


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