Everything you need to know about Broga at Peake Fitness
14th October 2020
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For the first time since March, I went ventured back  to the gym at Stoke by Nayland Hotel, Peake Fitness. It happened to coincide with the day their new fitness class timetable was launched.

Gyms, and Peake Fitness is no different, have had to adapt and make considerable changes to the way classes are run. Social distancing restrictions means there shouldn’t be more than 9 attendees in a class , squared off spaces for each individual to exercise are marked on the floor and there is  oodles of hand sanitizer and spray, at the ready, to ensure our safety is paramount.

As well as the new class protocol (please click here for more details) it was very exciting to see new classes have been added. Now, you know me. I’m always up for giving a bit of torture new class a try, so I jumped at the opportunity to try Peake Fitness’s brand new Broga class.

Now, you are probably wondering what the heckington is Broga?

Here's what you need to know

1. Broga is yoga with a difference. It's a mish mash of yoga, HIIT and familiar exercises such as planks push ups lunges and squats.

2. Originally,  it was actually designed with men in mind. It focuses more on strength building rather than flexibility. Infact, it doesn't matter if you can't touch your toes (Spoilers.. I can’t) and although it’s origins may have started as “Brotherly Yoga” or “Yoga for Bros” it's ideal for anyone with lower back issues, hamstring problems and for those looking to engage core muscles whilst improving upper body strength.

3. If flexibility is an issue but, you've always wanted to give yoga a try, this is definitely worth a go. Like yoga, it's very holistic in its approach. Everything is focused around breathing. Although I recommend you need a certain element of fitness, you don't need to be an experienced yoga enthusiast.

4. Broga is done in a warm room. Don’t forget to bring a big bottle of water because you’ll need it! And wear shorts . It's much sweatier than your usual yoga class!

5. Broga is quite sociable. There is definitely chatting between students and teacher Jade. In my case mostly giggles; My balance has a lot to be desired (Read my attempt at Body Balance) There’s no need to be concerned about a prentenious atmopshire. It’s very relaxed and good fun.

6. There are two classes running at Peak Fitness: Monday 12:45 -  1:45pm (perfect for a lunchtime stretch) and Saturday 11:30 to 12:30 PM.

Click here for the full timetable .

7. Please pre book your class even if you're a Peake Fitness member. The current covid situation and social distancing restrictions mean numbers per class are limited .

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