Will Sudbury Lose Free Parking?
6th January 2016
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It was announced today in the EADT that Babergh District Council are looking at scrapping the town’s free parking.

Free parking is a debate that’s been taking place in Sudbury for years and so far, the Sudbury Chamber of Commerce, supported by local businesses and the public have successfully quashed any suggestion of making us pay to park.

But maybe that’s all about the change.

I think there would be serious repercussions. Three hours free parking is a big incentive for people to visit our town. I’ve spoken to visitors of Sudbury Farmers Market who have told me they regularly visit the town, especially when the markets are on, from Colchester. The reason? Free parking.  I’ve also spoken local businesses, who say being able for their customers just to park up and quickly pop in to see them, for free, is a big plus.

There has been a lot of debate and conversation about the future of the high street. Huge online retailers, like Amazon, haven’t helped the smaller shops, out of town shopping parks and massive all singing and dancing supermarkets (although very convenient) not only benefit from lower business rates, but can draw people away from our town centres. And now, our little town, could also have it’s free parking taken away.

It will be interesting to see how the debate pans out…

Watch this space

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