Considering selling online? Here's some helpful tips
5th January 2019
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Helpful points to think about if you're a UK businesses considering having an ecommerce website.

Who will your customers be?

It’s easier to sell to specific people rather than having a scattergun approach. So before you get stuck in have a think about who you want your customers to be and how they think. Are they young parents, the elderly, are they into motorsports or even doll’s houses? Where do they expect to find stuff on a website? For example older people may need a bigger font to read, calls to action like Add to basket buttons may need to be more obvious, if you make these too obvious or large it might look clumsy for the younger generation. Look and feel depends on how your customers are used to accessing information.

Are there specific sizes or specifications for your products? Will they need a filter system for colours, sizes, shapes. If you do, you'll need to think about what layout works best for your website.


If you’re on social media and have a decent following, or are on Facebook you can ask questions about how people who buy your product prefer to shop, what websites they like. You can even create a Survey Monkey form and ask people to fill it out.

Try not to make assumptions, you will almost certainly be surprised at what you find out.

Put mobile first!

Most people will be using your website on a mobile phone, slightly less on a tablet and even less commonly on a laptop or desktop computer. It should work well on all devices, especially smartphones.

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