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15th October 2014
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Do you know young people who show a lack of concentration and lack the ability to pay attention? Do they get irritable and frustrated at school especially when reading? Do they shy away from bright lights? Have you asked why? Would you associate these with a possible eyesight issue?

Young people are often taken to the doctor’s with these symptoms but not often to the optician’s. They may also have issues with other aspects of reading. Maybe they avoid reading altogether as they find it uncomfortable and cannot understand the text.

There are so many comments made about people like this. Struggling with reading may lead you to think about dyslexia, or struggling with numbers, dyscalculia. But there is another possibility; Meares-Irlen Syndrome, also known as Irlens Syndrome or more commonly now, Visual Stress.

This syndrome can be tested for and when diagnosed can be managed. The syndrome was discovered in the 1980s and people who are diagnosed find a reduction in their symptoms which are alleviated by the use of coloured lenses, coloured overlays and, sometimes, using different coloured paper. These colours are not chosen at random but decided on through testing. This testing is called Colorimetry.

People often travel many miles to be tested raising issues of stress, both physical and financial, and time management. It would be so much easier if people could be tested locally in and around Sudbury and that is now possible. Wardale Williams the Opticians in Sudbury, serving the local community for over 40 years, offer colorimetry testing which means no long journeys, no long waits and less time, if any, away from school or work.

If you are concerned about Mearles-Irlen Syndrome, why not give Wardale Williams a call or download the pdf below for further information

This condition can also affect adults.

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