Buying Local.. the story so far
21st May 2014
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I can't believe I'm over half way through my  Buy Local Month. Not only have been avoiding the supermarkets, but I've be visiting some great local businesses who are now proudly displaying my I Love To Buy Local stickers. Thank you Sudbury - you're the best!

When I've told people I've only been buying from independents, their first concern is the cost. "Isn't it going to be really expensive?" or "That'll increase your food bills" Actually, it's been the opposite. And with only 10 days left in May, I predict I'm going to be £200 better off! And this has been by avoiding supermarkets.

I don't think anyone would argue that the cost per item in many of your local village shops will be cheaper. They are more expensive, but where I've saved money is not being drawn in by the supermarket offers. I'm not proud to admit, I'm a sucker for a BOGOF or buy 3 for £10. I don't need that extra food. So much of it is wasted and sits there rotting at the back my fridge. A waste of money and food.

When I go to my local shop, farmers market or town market, I literally buy what I need and nothing more. By using the local butchers, I know where my meat's coming from (or more importantly what animal the meat came from) I know my vegetables are fresh and local and more importantly, I know that more of my money will be recycled back into my local community.

I urge you to give buying local a go. Drop one supermarket shop and use your local market instead. Buy from your local butcher rather than picking something wrapped in plastic in left on shelf.

Local shops are important and I certainly don't want to lose them

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