Buying a domain name, what to look out for how to be safe
15th January 2019
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Go with a UK company

If you register your domain name with a company outside the EU, UK or USA then you could lose control of your domain, it may not be registered in your name.

This is due to the fact that not all countries regulate businesses as closely as we do in the UK. If you do purchase your domain from a company that's not as honourable as some then it can prove very challenging to get the domain name back

So it’s well worth spending a few extra quid to keep your brand safe.


Make sure if you or anyone else registers your domain name make sure it’s all under your name or your business name. Each domain name has to have a personal name, email address and postal address associated with it. If someone, your website developer or agency, has registered your domain name their name then as mentioned above with registering in a foreign country you may lose control of it if something happens to them, say they go out of business or the worst happens. Doesn’t bare thinking about but it’s a very real situation people can find themselves in.

The email address is key! When moving domain names between providers and owners, verification is made via email, so at the very least make sure the domain name is under your email address and that someone you trust has a backup plan if something happens to them.

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