WeTutorUK explains how they can help with your child's exam confidence
23rd June 2015
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Students work so hard throughout the year but panic a few weeks before the exams. It’s not that they are not capable but that they have a crisis of confidence. As a teacher and tutor, I hear so many of them of saying, “but I can’t do that.” Of course they can.

My job as a private tutor is to give them that self-belief, that confidence that they can do it.

Of course, there are areas where specific help is needed, explanations to help them understand. Many times my students say, “Oh, that’s easy. I didn’t understand that in class”. With classes of thirty, it’s easy for simple information to be missed. It’s not the teacher’s or the student’s fault. In a perfect world it wouldn’t happen but all it takes is a moment’s lack of concentration or a lesson missed due to illness.

An hour’s one to one tuition once a week or fortnight can address these moments by allowing both student and teacher a chance to understand what the student has not understood.

Private tuition also allows me to teach exam technique. Although this is covered in many classes, this is the time when a lack of concentration can occur…the students think that they have sat plenty of exams and so don’t need to listen.  It’s amazing how many marks can be gained from understanding what it is the examiners want. By teaching the techniques to a student I raised her grade from a D to a B.

So why not think about some one to one time with a tutor for your child. Don’t wait until the mock results come in. The sooner a young person’s confidence improves the sooner they will have the necessary can do attitude.

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