Bonfire and fireworks at Stonham Barns
15th September 2015
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With the beautiful summer months slowly ebbing away, dark and cold nights are ahead of us. Many of us will take this time to snuggle up warm with a cup of hot chocolate and our favoured tv shows. Work slows down, we feel sluggish and await the gentle touch of the sun to come along once again. Of course, for those who love their sleep this isn't so bad. They stay in bed all day. What do those of you who love being outside do? Sit inside and stare out the window glumly?

No, of course you don't! With October drawing close and the fireworks and Halloween coming closer and closer, Suffolk hasn't given up quite yet. On the 30th October, Stonham Barns in Suffolk, are putting on a banger. Whoever said only New Years Eve was the correct time to go out with a bang? Stonham Barns are offering an incredible firework display, to celebrate both Halloween and Fireworks night. Produced by Komodo Fireworks, this display will surely be one to remember. Adults are allowed in for £3 only, while children are only going to be £2. The fireworks will be starting at 4:00pm, going on till quite late. But not too late so you have to carry your children home, that is.

Not only will there be some stunningly fabulous fireworks, but there'll be kids entertainment, free face painting, Halloween fancy dress competition, Halloween games, a fun fair and food and drink. Not only do you get some fancy entertainment, but for the grown-ups, there's a licensed bar. Just don't drink too much, will you? While your role in life is to embarrass your kids, doing so around fireworks may not be such a good idea.

Stonham Barns are offering an spooktacular show, so you and your family can enjoy a good night out together. It'll be fun for all the family, and the memories will stay with you for a long time afterwards. You might want to start preparing early. No doubt this show will be a popular one. For more information, head to the Stonhams Barns website, and see what else you can find. They offer more than just holiday spooks and sparks. They've got Christmas sorted too, if you're one of those who like to prepare in advance

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