Announcing the name of the 2017 Beer For Leestock
20th May 2017
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A little while ago, I ventured further west into Suffolk and brewed a special beer for LeeStock Music Festival 2017, with veteran brewer and all round lovely chap, Marc Bartram, of Bartram's Brewery in Rougham. If you'd like to know how I got on, you can read it here

1000 pints have been loving brewed, with lots of exciting hops and flavours, to create a beer perfect for quenching your thirst at a Summer music festival. But, we needed a name, so I ask you, the good people in and around Sudbury (and beyond) to share with me your suggestions. The person who's suggestion we picked would also win 2 tickets to LeeStock.


Well Sudbury, you did not disappoint. You sent me well over 60 suggestions, including the classic(a-hem) Beery Mc Beer Face, Goldie Looking Pint and Willow's Special Daze. 

After much debate, a name has been decided on, by Gary Rowe.

So... *drumroll* 

Our 2017 LeeStock beer has been called Lee, Stock and Two Amber Barrels. 

This beer will be sold at LeeStock and pubs around the Bury area, but if you'd like to sample some, come to the Boxford Fleece, on Friday 26th May. There's the first BoxFest taking place, with an epic selection of beers, a freakshake bar and BBQ. 

Want to buy tickets to LeeStock- just click here. They will be sold out and they can't guarantee you'll beable to buy them on the door.

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