An awfully big bus adventure
10th February 2015
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On Friday, I was asked to speak on Mark Murphy's Suffolk Radio Show. South Suffolk MP, Tim Yeo was in the Hot Seat and members from his constituency were asked to put their questions to him.


My main concern, as a businesses owner and a resident of this area, is what's happening to our town centres. No longer is the town centre the prime retail outlet it once was. Smaller towns, such has Sudbury, have seen the effects of online shopping and, more importantly the out of town supermarkets.


I would like to see a review of the business rates and rents within town centres. Out of town supermarkets have lower business rates yet as far as I'm concerned, contribute less to the local economy. Mr Yeo acknowledged the balance wasn't right and it was something the government needed to look into further.


However, the first part of our brief conversation was slightly more unusal. I questioned Mr Yeo's visibility in Sudbury, especially after his de-selection from the Tory party. His response was interesting, to say the least. In true politician style, he didn't offer a straight forward answer, but wanted to make it clear he was instrumental in the development of the new Sudbury Community Health Centre. I'm sure he was supportive of the project. And it looks good.

Mr Yeo went on to tell me how one would have to get a bus to Bury St Edmunds if the Health Centre wasn't there. He had done this journey (back in 2005) and apparently is an unpleasant one if you're old and/or ill. Again, I don't doubt it.

He was so adamant that I report back to him on the bus service from Sudbury to Bury St Edmunds. I said I would (although what this has to do with Mr Yeo spending more time in London with his commerical interests & less time with his constituents, I'm not sure)  I've chosen 24th February to do my most excellent adventure. I will come armed with my iPhone, twitter and money for the bus. I will share my experience of the hour long journey and all I ask in return, is that our next MP spends a bit more time in South Suffolk to do the job they were voted to do!

Wish me luck and I'll see you all on the other side.. (well, Bury St Edmunds)



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