A Special Offer to All Keyworker from The Laundry Goddess
26th April 2020
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Beverley East, owner of The Laundry Goddess in North Street, wanted to give something back to the keyworkers working so hard during this COVID19 Pandemic. So, she's come up with a little something. 


You can watch the video HERE and read more below:

- Hello, my name's Beverley East. I'm the owner of The Laundry Goddess here in North Street in Sudbury. Like most business owners, I've been closed since the government lockdown, although I am essential service and I can be open.

So I've been coming to the shop every day and I've been looking at my machines and I might be a little bit dim, it's taken me a long time to think about what I can do with my empty shop, my empty business, to give something back to key workers, essential staff, frontline staff.

And this is what I've decided to do:

 I would like to give you my time.

I know that annual leave has been cancelled, I know that you're probably working extra hours as some of your colleagues are currently off or isolating, so I would like to do your washing for half price.

I'd like to beable to offer it to you for absolutely nothing, but I can't because gas, electric and water costs money and I need to cover those costs. But I can give you my time for nothing, free of charge, with a good heart as well.

Let me give you an idea of what that cost looks like for you and what actually it might give you back, If you imagine four or five loads of your ordinary washing machine, I've got a machine that takes that all in one go. I normally charge £20 pounds for that wash and but to keywords, I'm going to offer that to you, washed, dried and folded for £10.

My next smaller machine is about three to four loads of what you do would do at home. Again, I'm offering you that at half price. It's normally £16.50, so that's going to be £8.25, washed, dried and folded.

And my smallest machine is about one and half to two loads of your household washing machine. That will be £6, washed, dried and folded.

So, I hopefully I can give you back some of your valuable time to either rest, have some downtime or spend with your family.

Pay It Forward Option 

There's another option as well, and this for the general public. I know we're all clapping at eight o'clock on a Thursday evening and I've heard some wonderful stories of people paying for frontline workers shopping in supermarkets.

So what I'd like to do is offer a pay it forward option. This will be on my website on Monday 27th April, I'm told. If you want to buy a half price wash for any of the frontline staff, the key workers that we have working hard for us in the community, you can and you can do it via my website HERE.

You can do it anonymously or you can do it by name, and even add a little message I will give to the person who gets that wash. If you have somebody you want to nominate, maybe a home help that you want to buy a wash for, or the postman who delivers to you, or maybe somebody who worked in the co-op who's been extra sweet -  by all means name them and just tell them that you've done it.

And as long as they can get it to me, I will wash it for them. That will be a present from you, personally, a personal thank you.

So, anybody who thinks that they may be a frontline staff, just bring your work ID when you drop off your washing and I'll tell you when it's going to be ready. This doesn't extend to launderettes, unfortunately I can't have people in the shop because of social distancing. Just drop off your washing and I'll tell you when it's will be ready to pick up.

Here is my website

If you are be a key worker or you're not sure if you're a key worker you can email me or you can telephone me.

We shall be open Monday to Saturday, starting on the 27th April, 8:30am to 1:00 p.m. If I need to, I will extend the hours, but that will be the minimum that I will do.

I will do that right until the end of May, so till the 31st of May, that's half price washing and ironing till the 31st of May for all frontline essential workers.

I hope that a lot will me up on my offer; I'm willing, I've got the equipment and I really want to give something back, so keep safe and thank you very much.



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