9 Reasons Why You Should Declutter your House
17th November 2015
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Do you live in a house where you trip over toys, can’t find things, constantly living in an emotional state of frustration? If the answer is yes, then it might be time for a declutter. Have a read of these 9 reasons why having a good sort out is beneficial for all sorts of reasons

  1. Decrease Stress

Lost that document? Can’t find your car keys? Running late for that meeting because the kids’ homework is hiding underneath the huge pile of unironed clothes that have been sitting in the corner of the room for the last 6 weeks? A recent survey by Huffington Post claimed 84% of stressed Americans worried their homes weren’t tidy enough and 42% of home owners experienced more anxiety when their houses were a mess

     2. Get yourself more time

Did you know that we spend on average one year of your life looking for lost or misplaced items? We could  become our own Time Lord, reclaim the time that’s lost into the black hole of mess, by removing unwanted items from our home.

     3. It’s better for your breathing

Junk tends to gather dust. Dust isn’t particularly healthy, especially if you have asthma. Regular house dust (according to the Journal of Environmental Science & Technology) contains nasty stuff such as arsenic, decomposing insects, pollen, human skin, faecal matter from dust mites, insecticide. Yuck!

    4. You get to have more fun

The more stuff you have to clean, the less time you have to spend enjoying yourself. Housework or doing something fun? Tough decision

    5. Improve you and your kid’s friendships

How many are too embarrassed to invite friends around because of the state of the house? In research done by Rubbermaid, 50% of respondents said they wouldn’t invite friends around their house because of the clutter

    6. Find cash

Professional organiser, Lorie Marrero, from the US, claims she’s found thousands of dollars hiding in her clients’ clutter. Clear out your stuff and see what treasure could be hiding in that over filled sock draw

    7. Improve your credit rating.

Keep losing bills, then paying them late? This will affect your credit rating, but declutter and organise and never forget a bill again

    8. Cut down on your household expenses.

On average, it costs £7 per square metre to store your stuff at home. If you can’t bring yourself to chuck out those old toys or books, look into Sudbury Secure Storage as it’ll be a lot cheaper

    9. If you’re selling your house, the most cost effective change you make to a successful sale is a clean and declutter home. You’re looking at a ROI of 400%


You don’t have to take on the task of decluttering your home or office all in one go. Take your time and don’t beat yourself up if you can’t throw away or donate those items close to your heart. Sudbury Secure Storage have pods and storage facilities of all sizes. Give Louise Richardson a call and she can advise you as to what storage unit would suit your needs. Long and short term rents are available.

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