7 Reasons Why Need to Exercise With A Friend
12th January 2018
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7 Reasons You Need to Exercise With A Friend

It’s a scientific fact, that those who exercise with a friend are more likely to stick to it and achieve their exercise goals.  So, here are 7 reasons why you need to grab a buddy and head to the gym

  1. A gym buddy holds you to accountability. You’re more likely to make it to the gym, than slide off the pub, if you’ve agreed to meet with someone at the gym at certain time
  2. I know from experience, when I run with a friend, I push myself harder, run faster and work harder. The same is no different to when you go to the gym.
  3. There’s nothing like a bit of encouragement from a friend, who’ll help you lift that little bit heavier, run for a little longer and visa versa
  4. You can do partner exercises to mix things up a bit; Medicine Ball, plank reach outs and touch rows are all now new exercises to add to your routine.
  5. Working out with friends is fun. Fact. Who else can you laugh at whilst in lycra and sweating like a pig.
  6. You have your own personal counter, who can make sure you’re doing the correct amount of reps or holding that plank position for long enough
  7. You’ll have the confidence to give something new a try. If you’ve always fancied Body Balance but were reluctant to rock up on your own, now you can bring your friend and give it a try together. Who knows what you’ll discover together



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