6 Ways Sudbury Secure Storage Can Help You Sell You House Quickly
21st September 2017
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Louise Richardson, owner of Sudbury Secure Storage, based in Sudbury, offers these 6 simply solutions to help sell your house quickly and easily.

  1. First impressions are important and many buyers will make an assumption about your house before they even step inside. You may have the most amazing interior, but if the outside of your house is a mess, it will put off potential buyers. Make sure the grass is cut, the driveway tidy and approach to the house welcoming. Maybe make sure clutter is picked up off the garden and it looks tidy.
  2. They’re a nosy lot, those buyers. They will want to see how much storage your house has and that will include looking in cupboards and cabinets. Make sure you remove at least 50% of items to give the impression of space and ample storage. Sudbury Secure Storage has small, secure units on short term leases, offering a quick and very cost effective solution to your much loved clutter.
  3. Your pets are an important part of your life, but not everyone loves a  cat or dog as much as you do. And the pet smells that you are used to may put off a potential buyer. Make sure you remove evidence of cat food, get rid of those tufts of animal fur and if at all possible, arrange for your pets to be with a family or friend if there’s an arranged viewing
  4. Depersonalise your home. You want to make it as easy as possible for your potential buyers to see themselves living there. Many are put off seeing too many family photos. They can’t imagine their family living there. Sudbury Secure Service offer a secure and safe place to store your precious family items whilst your house is on the market
  5. You don’t need to completely remodel your house or spend thousands on interior design, if you’re looking to sell quickly. Sometimes small things like a lick of paint, new curtains or redoing the grouting around your kitchen and bathroom tiles can make a huge difference for not much money or effort
  6. Did you inherit a large item of furniture that’s taking up an unnecessarily amount of space? If you don’t want to sell it, put it in storage. A large item placed even in a decent sized room, can be a space sponge and prevent the buyer seeing the room’s potential. Get rid of it and let your room show its spaciousness and potentialy. Check out the different size storage options Sudbury Secure Service has available

For information about Sudbury Secure Storage, their storage facilities and prices, visit their website here or give them a call on 01787 282642

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