12 Questions You Should Always Ask When Choosing A Personal Trainer
8th February 2022
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12 Questions You Should Always Ask When Choosing A Personal Trainer


If getting healthy and fit is on your to-do list, you’ve tried the gym, fitness classes and boot camp, but now you want to take it up a notch and see some results, you may be thinking about using a personal trainer.


However, not all PTs are the same, which is a good thing. We all have different needs, goals and preferences,, so it’s really important you find the right trainer for you.


We have put together 12 questions that will help with your decision making process and ensure you find the perfect trainer to help you achieve your goals.


1. What qualifications do they have and how long have they been qualified as a Personal Trainer?


All personal trainers should have at least a Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification. This gives them the essential knowledge to work within in gym environment. As well as considering this, ask how long they’ve been a qualified trainer.

A more seasoned PT will have developed experience and knowledge over the years of training. They’re more likely to have a greater understanding of how to get the best out of your training to help reach your goals sooner. A more experienced PT will be more expensive, than someone with just a few years under the belt. This is an important thing to consider.


2. What sort of environment would you like to train in?

Where you train is just as important as who trains you. Many believe that to work with a PT, you need to join a gym and take out a membership, but this isn’t always necessarily. Your PT may have their own training studio.. If you feel anxious or uncomfortable training in a gym with others, this maybe something more appropriate for your needs. With a dedicated private studio, you will never have someone just turn up and start training next to you. Everyone has to make an appointment.


And if you are anxious, is this something your PT will take seriously. .


3. Who are their other clients? Do they specialise in a particular type of training?


You might find it helpful to ask what other types of clients they train. Or if you have a specific goal you’d like to hit. Do they have experience training others to achieve success. Ask if they’ve worked with clients similar to yourself; maybe people of a similar age, health or fitness experience?


Take time to check out their reviews and recommendations on social media. You may also find it helpful to take a look through their social media to see what sort of training techniques they use. And not just in the last week, but in the last year so you can get a real feel for how they train and the sorts of training they do,


4.  Do they offer a free trial?


If you’re looking to commit to working with a PT, it’s advisable to do a taster session. In order to get the most out of your sessions, you’ll want to like and feel comfortable with your chosen personal trainer and the a taster session will give you a good indication if they are for you. If they’re not keen to offer a taster session, ask why not.


5.     Do they offer a free consultation?


In order for you to hit your fitness goals, your PT will need to know what they are. A consultation is the opportunity to ask questions about your goals & why they are important to you. They will need to understand your fitness levels, your availability and then create a fitness plan to enable you to get to where you want to be.


6.     Is it better to train by yourself or train with friends? If I wanted to train with a group of friends is that something that’s possible.


Only you can answer the question whether it’s better to train alone or with a small group.There are pros and cons to both. If you train one to one with your PT, you will get more done, but it will also be more expensive. If you train with friends, although you’ll train less within a session,, you get to share the cost, and there’s the added bonus you’ll have a training buddy to keep you focused, accountable and maybe share a little friendly competitive banter.


7 Will your trainer support your physical fitness and your mental wellbeing


Whether it’s running a marathon, doing your first triathlon or just improving your fitness levels, physical health and mental well being should go hand in hand. Often, when we hit a (metaphorical) wall, it’s a mental block that’s causing it. Ask if your trainer has mental wellbeing strategies in place, whether they work alongside any mental wellbeing coaches or if they’re mental health first aiders.


8 What’s their network like?


Does your trainer work alongside others they can recommend should you need them? Should you need additional support,, can you be referred to a reputable physio, osteopath, or nutritionist?


9. What will the sessions look like?


Will the sessions be mostly the same, or will your trainer mix it up, so no one session is the same? How creative are they when it comes to how you spend your hour together?


10. Can you be confident about the training environment?


Does your trainer know how often the equipment is cleaned? If you’re training where other people train too, you need to be confident the area is clean and fully compliant with COVID regulations.


Ask for a tour or viewing of the venue so you can see for yourself what type of environment it is, how clean it looks and of course, the quality and variation of the equipment.

11. How does your trainer train?

Is your trainer a shouter? Does that motivate you? Do you prefer someone who’s more encouraging? Would you like your sessions to be fun and lighthearted or would you prefer a more serious training regime? These are questions that also should be asked, especially if you have preference


12.  Is your Personal Trainer insured?


It maybe a bit of a dull question, but it’s important to know that your trainer is covered by the right sort of insurance. For example, are they covered by public liability? Do they maintain their training equipment to the correct standard and on a regular basis? Do they have a risk assessment policy in place?

 Should something unfortunate happen, you’ll be wanting to they’re covered.


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