10 Reasons Why Swimming is THE best sort of exercise
21st June 2016
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Looking to get fit this summer, but don't feel ready for the gym? Don't worry, swimming could be the exercise to kick start the new healthy you. 

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10 Reasons Why Swimming is The Best Exercise to Keep Fit

  1. It’s a low impact sport, which means it’s gentle on your bones and joints
  2. The water keeps you cool, so you don’t have to stand around sweating like a pig
  3. It’s a great sport for strengthening your joints and improving your posture
  4. An hour of swimming burns 500 calories
  5. It gives a total body workout, toning your arms and sculpturing your back, all without weights
  6. There’s no huge expense – no equipment needed, just a swimming costume and maybe a hat
  7. According to the National Foundation of Sleep, swimming regularly helps you have a good night’s sleep.
  8. Swimming is not only good for your heart but it controls blood sugar levels, lowers your blood and heart pressure AND reduces the cholesterol levels. So by swimming regularly, you’re less likely to develop illnesses like type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke!
  9. Swimming helps your happiness levels. Whether you’re a beginner or Olympic athlete, swimmers are less likely to be prone to tension and depression and after a swim are less likely to be angry and confused. Why? It’s thanks to happy hormone serotonin
  10. Unlike running marathons or playing hockey, swimming is something you never have to retire from. Once you start swimming, you never need to stop.
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