10 Reasons to Get Yourself a Personal Trainer at Peake Fitness
12th January 2018
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Personal training isn't just for the world of celebs and super fit. There are many reasons why us mere mortals would do well by working with a PT.. here are just 10...


10 Reasons to get yourself a Personal Trainer


  1. Knowing you’ve a commitment to meet and work with a PT keeps you accountable. Even if you feel like going home and lounging about on your sofa, if you  have made that appointment, you’ll be more inclined to keep it

  2. You’ll get a thorough understanding of how to use the exercise machines. Exercise machines are certainly more complex than they were and a PT can help you get the most out of them, so you can use them with confidence and with maximum impact

  3. If you’re new to exercising, a personal trainer will show you how to exercises correctly

  4. And if you’re a more experienced gym-goer, your PT can take your exercise to the next level

  5. Do you have a fitness goal in place? Or plan to run a marathon? Do a triathlon? Together with a PT, you can work a bespoke exercise plan to help you achieve these goals

  6. If you’re suffering from an injury, as I have, you may think of knocking the gym membership on the head. Don’t! Make an appointment with a personal trainer who can not only assess whether you should or shouldn’t exercise, but then create exercise that helps your injury.

  7. When you have a Personal Trainer, you’re more focused and motivated

  8. A commitment to sessions with a PT means you’re accountable to someone else. When you get back from work, you may feel like lounging around on your sofa, but if you’ve made the appointment at the gym and it’s in your diary, you’re more likely to go and feel better because if it

  9. Working out with someone else is more fun. When you’re chatting and laughing (as I do) it makes doing those planks slightly more bearable

  10. You push yourself more when with a PT and you’re more likely to lift a little more, do more rep than you thought you could and just work that little bit harder


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