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Last week was my birthday and my husband bought me a FitBit; a wrist gadget that tracks steps, activity, sleep patterns, calories burnt and syncs with a special app on your smartphone. The perfect present for a gadget loving girl like myself.
Is it time you reconsidered contact lenses? Independent Sudbury based opticians, Wardale Williams tells us more...
What is sports massage?
What is sports massage?
What is Sports Massage? Senior Sports Therapist at Peake Fitness explains all
Some very exciting news! Wardale Williams, Independent Opticians, based in Gainsborough Street, are pleased to annouce, that Optometrist, Will Norman, has been shortlist for the very pretigious title of Optometrist of the Year 2015 award.
We have recently announced that we are working in partnership with the Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust to build the new Woolverstone Macmillan Centre, a state-of-the-art cancer treatment centre to improve the experience of people affected by cancer in Suffolk, North Essex and South Norfolk.
Glaucoma Awareness in Sudbury
Glaucoma Awareness in Sudbury
Wardale Williams hosted a pressure checking afternoon in the foyer of Barclays Bank, Sudbury, in conjunction with the British Lions. 48 people, including the Mayor of Sudbury had a check to look for signs of Glaucoma. This is all part of our Glaucoma Education drive.
I’ve just paid a visit to the optician’s. Do you know how long it is since I last went? Two years! When did you last go? I hope it’s less than that.
Meet Amanda Skinner, Optician at Sudbury's Wardale Williams
Do you know young people who show a lack of concentration and lack the ability to pay attention? Do they get irritable and frustrated at school especially when reading? Do they shy away from bright lights? Have you asked why? Would you associate these with a possible eyesight issue?
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