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Winter's nearly over and it's time to jet off

Despite money not being so plentiful we are still in love with foreign travel and a new survey shows the favourite destinations.

Weddings aren't like they used to be

Arranging a wedding is still the biggest occasion in most people's lives but it's so much easier now than even a decade ago.

It's golf but not as we know it!

15 February 2010 12:07

Such is the choice of modern entertainment that is is possible to play some of the world's top golf courses in the warmth in February without leaving Solihull.

Salubrious Solihull Is So Unlike The Seventies

The January sales may be gone but in Solihull the hobby of shopping is still number one.

Love is in the air in more ways than one

The countdown to St Valentine's day has begun in earnest and with love already on thebestofsolihull radar we see how you can fulfil your true love's desires.

Save the planet and work from home

The distractions of the house is often cited as the reason many can't work from home. However, there is an answer that brings with it so many benefits.

We're fat and the weather's rubbish but we're still happy

We are an optimistic bunch according to a new survey, but we still all yearn for the body beautiful.

Rejoice as the recession may be over

There are lots of positive indicators that the ecomony is bouncing back. Mike Nolan looks at what we must do to help.

Pasta and Curry. We Brits love our food.

Italian and Indian food have come out tops in a national survey of eating, but British cuisine also makes an impact. Delia Smith has more to do with this than you think.

Nine below zero and the big chill continues

It's the coldest January since 1982 and as the freeze continues homeowners should expect the unexpected.