Rejoice as the recession may be over
20th January 2010
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Apparently according to new government statistics unemployment has fallen for the first time in almost two years.


That may be of scant consolation to the alleged 2.46m still out of work, but it is yet another indicator that this hideous recession may now be behind us.


In recent weeks we have had some high street stores posting favourable figures, a leading economic research body tell us that the economy is growing again, and mortgage lending also on the way back.


Dare I say it, but the future is looking rosy, or at least rosier.  It’s a far cry from this time last year when there was so much doom and gloom and exaggerated tales scaring the public so much that it seemed we would all be living in caves by now in a post apocalyptic setting similar to the Mad Max movies.


As a former newspaper man I say the average fairly intelligent Brit should look beyond the headlines and look at what this country has going for it.

In reality we are still one of the most sophisticated economies in the world with a solid infrastructure, which makes us a world leader. No mean feat for such a small country; and if it was so hideous here why are there so many East Europeans still willing to give the UK a shot?


Britain is a great place for entrepreneurial flare and we should all really cheer up now, get out of our shells and start spending again.  I know I am. It’s the only way for the economy to thrive.


That doesn’t mean going mad. The days of easy credit are over and it may mean a less flamboyant holiday than some of the ones in the past decade, but spend in the areas where you want to see improvements.


This year I will be concentrating on the home and garden and for the first time we are thinking about using an interior designer. The truth is no matter how good you thin your taste is you will be blown away by what an interior designer can see.  In Solihull we have IHD and Joal Interiors – both come highly recommended.  I’ve seen their work and the creativity is just mind-blowing.  Although, many see them as a luxury you will find that once you have a room designed to such a high quality there is less likelihood of chopping and changing in the next year or two so it does provide value for money.


We will also be seeking out new carpet and Birmingham Carpet and Flooring is well worth a visit.  It provides a little something different from the usual names we all tend to head to.


No matter what services you want thebestofsolihull has them and we specialise in real individuality... and if we haven't what you want let us know what it is and we can investigate for you!!


So the moral of this tale is it’s OK to spend again and the sooner you do the better for all of us, but like all things in life keep it in moderation.


Michael Nolan runs successful Solihull business Nolan PR

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