It's golf but not as we know it!
15th February 2010
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Incredibly as someone bought up right opposite a golf course I had never played the game in my life.


What is even stranger is where I now live, having left home some 15 years ago, is again right opposite a golf course.


Well all that changed yesterday, but keeping with a sense of quirkiness it wasn’t golf as we know it.


Instead it was the state of the art new indoor golf centre Stay Putt.


To be honest, when the temperature is still struggling to get above freezing I can think of nowhere better in the UK to have played golf yesterday.


Being a total novice I spent yesterday just learning the fundamentals of the game, how to hold the damn thing and swing.  If I’m to be honest, it didn’t come naturally and really made me appreciate just how skilled the game is.


Whilst I’m used of other games using instruments to extend my arms such as tennis, badminton and squash, golf is a totally different animal requiring precision, precision and precision.


But whilst I was slashing and swiping like a demented maniac only yards from me golfers more adept than yours truly were playing some of the top courses in the world!


There are 38 simulated championship courses- what a treat and a trip to Shirley is cheaper than a trip to Augusta!


Watching these pros do incredible things like hit the ball I eventually tried out my putting. Much less frustrating.


What really impressed me is the atmosphere of family fun and an appreciation that we have such a facility on our doorsteps. In an age of great choice for family entertainment this one is a bit different and well worth a visit.


So I’ve played golf at last, but can still claim never to have watched an episode of EastEnders. That’s one likely to stay around for a while longer.

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