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How new vehicles can give you a lease of life

With Solihull awash with BMW's, Mercs and Audis - is the ultimate symbols of wealth more affordable than we think?

You're going to die folks so accept it

All of us have a limited time on this mortal coil, but with two-thirds of the British still without a will, why does this country fail to accept the inevitable?

Get the radiators ready for the rigours ahead

Summer has turned to autumn and winter is ahead, and another tough one is expected. It's time to make sure your home is ready for the de-icer days.

Sleep well and the world's a better place

New research has shown how a good night's rest can keep weight off. However, with sleep deprivation so common and with us spending a third of our lives in our bed, the choice of what we sleep on has never been so important.

It's not so bad. It's just different!

The 'isn't it awful' attitude of the media together with Government cuts has the country feeling in the doldrums, but if you just use your own eyes you would soon wonder what's the fuss all about.

Charity should still fly high in this rich society

Charities take a hiding when there's less money about, but in our moneyed borough we should do all we can to help one charity which could come to your help whoever you are.

Past party disasters ensure future for planners

Parties are expensive affairs. There are lots of things to remember and then you have add the special ingredient of ambience to get it right.
With so much expense involved why do so many leave it all to chance?

Feeling good on the inside might need help on the outside

As Hollywood beauty comes to our High Streets and with 60-year-olds wanting to look 20 again is there really any harm in doing all you can to win the war against time?

There's not a fat lot of good in saying you can't lose weight

We are fatter than ever, but most of us want to lose it. With the diet industry worth multimillions we look at the sensible solutions for those serious about their health.

No shame nowadays in being a disaster at DIY

A new survey shows the under 35s as being incompetent at DIY, but does it really matter?

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