Love is in the air in more ways than one
2nd February 2010
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Now I feel I must start my latest yarn apologising to all those who know me that I dare tackle this topic, especially my wife, and former girlfriends, who may have tracked this down through nostalgic curiosity via the wonders of cyberspace.


For the subject of this blog is about romance!  It’s a subject, as I’m sure you’ve already gathered, I am somewhat ill educated to pretend to be an authority on.


However, having said that, I do share something in common with Rudolph Valentino, and that’s the fact both of us have suffered from a stomach ulcer. However, whilst his killed him I am here to tell the tale, and many more besides. Oh for the wonder of antibiotics.


But having already laid bare my own inadequacy in romance, I think it’s a fine move that thebestof have dedicated their national campaign to the 

14 Days of  Love . Not only do we get a chance to sing the praises of those who have helped us, it also focuses the minds and gives prior warning of the day that many men like me dread - Feb 14. St Valentine’s Day!


And for those of you who share more with the late Mr Valentino than gastric weaknesses, there is everything on thebestofsolihull to play the heartstrings correctly.


For instance if your lady likes pampering what about a relaxing beauty treatment at Enzo Hair Salon, or Skin Deep?


Maybe she wants you to show your love in jewellery? Then wow her with something wonderful from Gem Box.


Then, dare I mention the flowers? Well… Chelsea Flowers show a level of horticultural craftsmanship that will certainly have you smelling of roses.


And after all the wooing I had better not say too much about a night of romance, for fear of censorship, but the settings at Hogarths and Nuthurst Grange provide the theatre to fan the flames of desire.


We also have an abundant selection of romantic restaurants, many I have already mentioned recently.  No matter what is the food of love the choice is there to tantalise all taste buds.


So for those of you who speak the language of lurve, have a great Valentines.


As for me...... apologies in advance to Mrs N!




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