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29th January 2010
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I’m a very fortunate chap.

Whilst I rattle out my latest blog there will be countless thousands through our fine borough battling for the bathroom before wolfing down their cereal, if they’ve made time for breakfast that is, and then leaving the morning mayhem of their homes ready for more stress as they leap into their cars.

Meanwhile I sit here in my office tapping away on my PC listening to classical music almost totally oblivious to the stresses and strains my fellow Silhilians will be feeling at this very moment.

Now, if you think this blog is just an opportunity for me to act smug as if I’ve sussed out life, it isn’t. I have the same issues as most of us human creatures. It’s just the rush hour isn’t one of them.

The purpose of this latest offering from yours truly is to appeal to the small business owner in general and to praise a great Solihull company.

When I set up in business and told many that I would be working from home they advised me the folly of my ways.

The advice centred around how difficult it is to concentrate on the job in hand whilst there are always the other distractions such as emptying the dishwasher or tidying the living room.

Thankfully the year before setting up Nolan PR I moved to a house with a purpose built office in the garden.  A sturdy and attractive timber framed building and with heating, internet and phone access, and comfortably able to house 3 people, it is invaluable.

I remember seeing Deborah Meaden of Dragon’s Den showing off her office at her home, again it was separate from the main building. She said it is vital to be in a haven for work with no other distractions. I am grateful I am replicating her, albeit not financially at the moment.

For the many sole traders or small concerns operating here I wish to point you in the direction of Heart of England Conservatories.  Well established in this borough, as well as conservatories they can create your home working dream.

I really can’t fault the craftsmanship they have shown. Whilst not having dealt with them directly the previous houseowners were at pains to point out how great the customer service was.

I can also claim as a taxable expense the heating and lighting, the likes of thebestofsolihull tax and accountancy specialists  Thomas & Young and JJ Bromige can tell you more.

With such low overheads I can keep my prices down thereby benefiting customers, and petrol costs, car wear and tear, and the general effect of the environment is beneficial too.

It’s also worth point out it is 27 stepping stones down the garden to my office as opposed to, quite coincidentally, the 27 miles I had to travel in my previous employment. How spooky is that?

Only now instead of the madness of the M5 all I have to avoid is the occasional random garden toy, couresy of 2 small people in the house, and the occasional lively rose bush.

It’s not a bad journey.

Thank you Heart of England Conservatories. By the way their conservatories aren’t bad either.

Take care on those roads!


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