We're fat and the weather's rubbish but we're still happy
25th January 2010
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There is a tendency to think the British like nothing better than a good old moan.

Whether it is the weather, the government or the youth of today we like a whinge.


However, quite surprisingly,  that sweeping generalisation does not tie in with a new survey showing us as actually being quite an optimistic bunch.


According to the love life survey a third of us, 33 per cent, are highly satisfied with life and a staggering 62 per cent of us optimistic about the future.


I find that a little surprising, but welcome it nonetheless.  Maybe it’s a sign that maybe this isn’t such a bad old place to be despite the notorious weather.


However, when it comes to what we would like to improve most about our lives improving health rates right at the top with 28 per cent ,and losing weight is just behind with 25 per cent.


I think the correlation between the two is apparent to all.  They are also right at the top when it comes to New Years resolutions – you know?  Those things that generally go out of the window round about now.


It says a lot about the psyche of us, and maybe the damp and cold, doesn’t help as well, that the quest for a six pack on the belly rather than in the belly remains elusive to many.  The hard truth is the reason so many people don’t ever get the body as beautiful as it could be is because it’s hard work and requires disipline.


However, in terms of your own productivity and well-being there is nothing more beneficial than being fit and the right weight.


Unless you have have that iron mindset of doing exercise then you are probably thinkgin about joining a health club and setting goals .  It can also provide a great lift to your social life.  We have health clubs to help and ... for those of you who read the blogs regularly here, you will know much about Karl Bickley, of  fitnesstrain.me who gives qualified advice on the best way of getting yourself fighting fit, losing weight, nutritional advice and much more.


So if you are just about to bin that New Year resolutions now, and you won’t be the first, just don’t give up yet.  As a wise man once said to be good habits are hard to make and easy to break.  There is help at hand.



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