Weddings aren't like they used to be
21st February 2010
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I don’t know how many of you listen to BRMB.

However those of you who do will know that in the past few days one of the Best of Solihull’s clients Hogarths Hotel had the honour of holding a wedding with a difference set up by our the marketers behind 96.4.

Basically a young couple were chosen to be given a free wedding worth an estimated £20,000. The only catch was it all had to be done in a week. It was the challenge of Jo Russell the breakfast DJ and with the help of Hogarths, and many others besides, the task was a success with the young lovers betrothed to each other at the Dorridge venue last Monday.

Anyhow, this entire wedding mayhem cast my mind back a decade to when yours truly married in the Borough of Solihull to Mrs N.

We had a fairly lavish affair at Highbury Hall, with an Irish band, 85 at the sit down meal, or wedding breakfast as they annoyingly call it even though it’s generally about 5pm. Also there was the dress, favours, vintage car, posh suits etc, etc.

Even though a lot has happened in the past decade with 3 house moves and 2 kids, I clearly remember the event took quite some arranging and it was a fairly stressful time for the bride to be in particular.

Nothing has changed in that respect, but what has is the internet. Then the net was in its infancy so finding the flowers, car, suits etc was much more laborious.

I wish that then we had the Best of Solihull. We could have had the cake from the Cake Den, had a choice of photographers with Steve Carse or Studio Cru – we could even have just handed over all the worry to wedding organiser Your Wish is My Command. Then there is Chelsea Flowers, Gem Box jewellers and we could even book Kaleidoscope Disco.

Even top notch venues like Hogarths and Nuthurst Grange, we can learn about them here, and for the rellys who can’t stay at the hotel after Aunty Betty has consumed too much chardonnay, there is a host of guest houses to choose from.

It just shows what a great instrument Best of Solihull is for one of the biggest occasions in your life. So for those of you marching up the isle remember Best of Solihull can help you make all the important decisions for a great day. 



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