Nine below zero and the big chill continues
7th January 2010
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Just how cold is it this month so far?

Last week it was –9 in Solihull and it looks like the arctic freeze is to stay around for a while longer.

That gives us Brits a good old chance to chat about the favourite subject of light conversation the good old temperamental British weather.

However, this extraordinary spell does, in my considered opinion, merit mention.

I personally, last remember temperatures like this way back in January 1982.  Sadly, I do actually recall it. I’ve got a weird memory for dates and distinctly recollect helping dig out of the snow my next door neighbours Mk 2 Ford Cortina, in those happy carefree Human League days.

They were playful days all right. I was 16, had just started work and my only concerns were records, hair gel and the progression to world dominance of the New Romantic movement.

Anyhow, before I get too dewy eyed for those halcyon days, I’ll come back to the contrast 2010s teeth chattering temperatures provides to yours truly.

I woke up last Tuesday to no electricity caused by this cold spell.  Oh, the joy of adult responsibilities.

It was disruptive as you would expect, but all is fine now.

I’m sure this matter of fact hassle is one that has been repeated across the borough this week as household maintenance problems normally rear their ugly heads in times of bad weather.

Thankfully that is where the Best of Solihull comes into play.

Burst pipes- call on PR Plumbing.   If the electricity has gone down there is  SMP Electrical, and if your roof has collapsed under the weight of snow there is Solihull Building and Maintenance - all reliable and professional local companies there to help at a moment’s notice.

We have umpteen tradesmen with other skills able to help as well.  So while the big freeze continues enjoy the snugness of your homes, but remember if calamity does call the Best of Solihull have the good guys to help.

Michael Nolan runs successful Solihull business Nolan PR

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