Winter's nearly over and it's time to jet off
24th February 2010
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As the worst winter in a generation continues to linger I think it’s only right that we all start turning our minds to the summer.  That is if we have a summer!

What I’ve found particularly galling about this harsh winter is you begin to wonder if we will ever see really good weather again, particularly as we have now had three awful summers in a row.

It’s for that reason that it’s not surprising that more and more of us are seeing a foreign holiday as an essential, and all this ties in nicely to a report just issued on the top 10 favourite long haul destinations.

The Holiday report from Kuoni shows the Maldives, with it’s tropical island paradise as the favourite, closely followed by Thailand, USA and Sri Lanka. The rest of the list is made up by Egypt, Malaysia, UAE, China, Switzerland and Singapore.

The report also shows that while holidays are the perfect way to recharge your batteries, they're also a time when some of life's most important
decisions will be made such as career changes, moving house even getting married.

So when it comes to making those important decisions, having a chat with your partner about what really matters it seems that doing it by the poolside, is the ideal moment. 

With that in mind we are fortunate that in Solihull we have Travel International, one of the most respected travel companies you will ever find, with fantastic deals, knowledge of destinations and the knowhow to find the dream holiday. 

So if you have the opportunity to get away from it all do make sure you jet off to the sun this year. It might be the only sun you see and who knows, what revelations may reveal themselves to you sipping an ice cold beer by the pool.

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