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No one ever likes unwelcome visitors, especially ones with wings and long tails. The threat of vermin remains as great as ever and needs the best professional help in many cases.
At last a normal summer again with threats of water shortages, but as the mercury rises it's time to keep cool.
The distractions of the house is often cited as the reason many can't work from home. However, there is an answer that brings with it so many benefits.
It's the coldest January since 1982 and as the freeze continues homeowners should expect the unexpected.
X -Factor
X -Factor
As Britain gets carried away with the X Factor final hype Mike Nolan shows us there is evidence to support why losing may not be such a bad thing.
They say that we are never more than 5ft away from a rat in the UK. If you have rat problems read more here and get expert help from ProKill pest control in Solihull
Pest control problem it’s all in a day’s work for the experts at ProKill. “100s of Cockroaches came swarming towards us over the top and around the sides of the door. I’ve never seen anything like it! Cockroaches of all sizes all over the flat.
I live in Hampton-in-Arden, just down the road from Birmingham Airport. We are all aware that there have been ongoing discussions and planning applications to extend the main runway at Birmingham airport. However I was very surprised whilst collecting my s
Motorway services proposal for Catherine de Barnes re-opened (J6 M42 A45 Coventry)Was it just me that was surprised that the motorway services proposal for Catherine de Barnes has re-opened? I guess this is in line with the continued discussions on the air
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