Pest control cockroach horror Solihull
10th October 2009
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I just had to share this I was chatting to Rob at ProKilll recently and he mentioned a recent cockroach infestation. What a horror story! Even Rob a pest control professional who has seen it all was shocked. The concerned landlord opened the door, Rob was ready for the usual search with his torch, as cockroaches can be difficult to locate in the day time, because they tend to hide inside such things as fridge motors, conduits, switch boxes, drink machines and found behind door seals and in voids.  Cockroaches become active mostly at night time.  So bearing this in mind when the front door was opened it just exploded with German cockroaches, in their hundreds running from the top of the door all over the door, I thought wow we are not even inside the flat yet. You can imagine the state of the flat, cockroaches on the walls, ceiling and floors, inside fridges etc.  Every room full of cockroaches every size, I opened an internal door this also exploded with cockroaches.  Just imagine, the guy who had vacated the apartment had lived in the flat for 3 months and not said a word.  The poor landlord was shocked to find his flat in this condition as no doubt the tenant had brought them in maybe with food or in his possessions. Three treatments have now being carried out and the 99% are now departed, all flats are affected with cockroaches and will need to be treated or the cockroach infestation will take hold and we will be back to square one.  You only have to miss one ootheca (egg case).  Three treatments have now been carried out with great success and the property will be placed on a contract for inspections to be carried out. If you need pest control help read more here

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