Traffic Wardens in Solihull...
16th April 2008
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Itʼs madness. I donʼt dispute the need to patrol parking in the town centre but the traffic wardens in Solihull are going too far. On Warwick Road, up past the car park to Brueton Park, the road is yellow lined (single yellow) a throw-back, I suspect to the days when the Warwick Road went all the way to Warwick as opposed to the somewhat grand cul-de-sac that it has now become.

The yellow lines prohibit parking from 9am - 11am and from 2 pm - 3pm which tells you all you need to know about how stupid this is. Anyway, Easter holidays, schools are off and the car park for the park is full.

So people do what they do every weekend and park on the road. 10.30am and out come the wardens - in force. Scurrying as quickly as they can they ticket a plethora of vehicles. All these unsuspecting mums giving their kids fresh air come back to their cars for a shock. And for what, There are no victims here. The road is massively wide. Thereʼs no traffic - itʼs a cul-de-sac.

The residents donʼt mind - their houses are set well back from the road anyway. Thereʼs only one purpose to this ridiculous exercise - money raising for the council. Never has the law been more of an ass - or the upholders of the law made to look so crass.

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