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Drivers caught using a phone within two years of passing their test will have their licence revoked under new rules in England, Scotland and Wales.
Teenagers could have to wait a year longer than currently before they are allowed to take their driving test.
Promoting three great Members of The Best of Solihull
Another great weekend of events in Solihull take a look....
Lots going on in Solihull this weekend, lets hope the sun shines and we can visit lots of the fab events and activities that are happening in and around the area
Lots going on this weekend, fun for the kids and family, and lots of great nights out to choose from.
Great attractions this weekend and the week ahead in Solihull, including more Easter treats for the kids.
Top 5 Reasons why people fail their driving test from trusted local Driving Instructor Jason Thorne.
How to tackle parking problems outside Solihull Schools has been decided...
Helpful advice from Driving Instructor Jason Thorne based in Solihull
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