Motorway services proposal for Catherine de Barnes re-opened
5th May 2008
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Motorway services proposal for Catherine de Barnes re-opened (J6 M42 A45 Coventry)

Was it just me that was surprised that the motorway services proposal for Catherine de Barnes has re-opened? I guess this is in line with the continued discussions on the airport extensions.

Do we really need another service on the M42? with Tamworth motorway services less than 10 mile up the M42 and Hopwood Park motorway services 15 miles the other way!

This will continue to eat into the green space between Catherine de Barnes, Birmingham Airport and Hampton in Arden. It is difficult to work out exactly where the services will be built as I could not find the actual proposal on the council web site. Whilst the Motorway Services planning documents are listed on the site there is no link to them. The search yields nothing on their site by the same name or reference!

Let me know what you think!

The full list of documents associated with the motorway services application (MSA) can be found by clicking the <Document List> from the link to the Solihull Council MSA information page below

The link given on the Solihull council website to planning enquiry documents is below

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