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A new Olympic sized indoor archery range has opened a few miles south of Shrewsbury. The range at Eaton Manor, South Shropshire, was built following a specific request from members of the Commonwealth and UK Olympic Archery Teams.
Members of Shrewsbury ladies rugby team were 'blooming' when they posed for a fun calendar to raise awareness of their sport and at the same time attract much needed sponsorship.
Summer health and fitness
Summer health and fitness
So it's us against the Germans for the millionth time. I seem to be the only person concerned that beating Slovenia wasn't exactly a display of footballing genius. In fact, I've seen Ray Charles score more goals.
As the World Cup progresses, businesses across Shropshire are set to experience increased numbers of employee absence as they dedicate themselves to watching England’s attempt to win the contest for the first time since 1966.
Ah, the great British summer. I could've told you it was going to rain as I recently got the barbecue out. Despite last year's summer, when Noah's ark was seen floating around Shrewsbury, I remained positive and dusted off my gas Outback.
A Shropshire charity will have an extra reason to cheer on England at the World Cup Finals in South African next month.
Are you an expert in your field? As long as your field is interesting (and legal), thebestof Shrewsbury might need your help. We will soon be launching 'guest author' blogs, where local experts can share their views on developments in their area.
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year, Shrewsbury! So 2010 is here, when we thought we'd be living on the moon and firing phasers. Or is that just me watching too much Star Trek? I hope you had a great Christmas with some good quality family time.
Andy Molyneux, owner of Shropshire-based LFLdesign&PRINT Ltd, has just returned from Rome with a silver medal in the Mixed Martial Arts class of the International Sport Kickboxing Association (ISKA) European Championship.
Shrewsbury has been teaching the Royals how to play darts! It's true! During Princes Harry and William's stint at RAF Shawbury, they've fallen in love with the noble game of arrows whilst playing at various Shrewsbury pubs.
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