Do you suffer from back pain? Chiropractors in Shrewsbury could help
12th August 2013
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We see so many adverts for painkillers yet not so many for actually treating the cause of the pain! You want the pain to go, not to be masked. Back pain may come and go or be caused temporarily by injury, yet many people suffer all the time and simply learn to get used to it. This is especially true if it's "just a niggle".

What's causing your back pain?

The recommended Shrewsbury Chiropractors we help offer preventative services, not just treatment. If you live in Shrewsbury and have back pain, please give them a call. They are accredited to professional Chiropractic organisations and take an holistic approach to your health. Maybe the pain is being caused by something you'd never have thought of.

Is it the way the seat in your car is positioned?

How do you sit at your computer?

Do you make long phonecalls with the phone trapped between your ear and shoulder?

Prevention vs Cure

There are many day-to-day causes of back pain, as well as injuries caused by over-exertion. But you shouldn't have to put up with it. And again, prevention is better than cure. A lot of Chiropractic patients don't have anything wrong with their backs; but they prefer to have a 3-month "MOT" to keep everything in working order and help avoid any back problems cropping up.

So put down those tablets and call our guys! They are right on your doorstep. 

By Andy Rao

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