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Moving house in Shrewsbury
Moving house in Shrewsbury
House market going up.... House market going down.... House market staying the same.... OK, so no one seems to have the definitive answer at the mo, which is of absolutely no help if you're thinking about moving.
Man's best friend
Man's best friend
Did you know that there are currently 858 dogs available for adoption across the listed UK kennels on 858!
Shrewsbury has been teaching the Royals how to play darts! It's true! During Princes Harry and William's stint at RAF Shawbury, they've fallen in love with the noble game of arrows whilst playing at various Shrewsbury pubs.
Right, I know I go on about the weather a bit but it's sunbathing at the weekend and freezing and raining now. It's almost June! I shouldn't have to be wearing my gloves to walk the dogs!
It appears there may be a growing trend of young, first time buyers, clubbing together in order to purchase their first homes. This seems to make sense really, given the current difficulties to even find a lender, let alone obtain a mortgage offer.A recent
Weddings, weddings, weddings... three words guaranteed to send a chill through the heart of any young man. But I'm now in my mid 30s and happily married, so my youthful dreams of bachelorhood and flitting between Jet from Gladiators and Belinda Carlisle ar
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