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30th April 2012
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As the weather hots up (supposedly) and we move towards summer, The Shrewsbury Homeopath Jeremy Derrick, gives us the low-down on Hayfever - probably the most common allergic condition in the western world....

Its name belies its cause as it is not caused by hay and it does not have a fever, but it is an allergy to plant pollens, particularly to grass pollens.

Ninety per cent of sufferers in Britain are sensitive to grass pollen and lower numbers are affected by tree pollens and weed pollens later in the year. A recent problem has been oilseed rape, fields of bright yellow, promoted as a cash crop and covering the landscape.

The symptoms of Hayfever are numerous, but the most common include nasal congestion where a blocked nose leads to breathing through the mouth causing it to become dry, disrupting sleep and causing bad breath. There is also itching inside the nose, mouth and throat, watering, redm sore and stinging eyes. Chest symptoms can include a cough and or wheezing and shortness of breath and these symptoms could be a sign of Asthma.

Conventional treatment for Hayfever normally consists of anti-histamine tablets, nasal sprays or eye drops however, increasingly, these treatments are not effective and only work while taking them so are not a long term solution. Also many come with side effects.

Homeopathy offers something different. As a homeopath, firstly, I would carry out a full allergy test including, pollens because a sufferer will often have other allergies and unless this is dealt with progress will not be as good.

Secondly, on identifying allergens, de-sensitisation treatment can begin using tiny amounts of the allergen in pill form to calm down the reaction to the original allergen, for example, pollen. This is done without side effects and also this approach for a few week's treatment can mean you can go for a long time without needing any hayfever medication.

I have helped many people this way, and would urge people to give it a try and enjoy your summer.

If you would like to know more, please give me a call on 01743 493076.

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