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A leading insolvency expert from Shrewsbury explains what the latest announcement by the Bank of England will mean. Tim Corfield of Griffin & King says the thinking behind the lending move is that savings will be passed onto households and businesses because of lower borrowing costs.
If you are suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), call the Shrewsbury Homeopath Jeremy Derrick. He has had great success getting people back onto the right path. Jeremy uses natural testing and remedies to help with IBS and other conditions.
Whilst on holiday, a Shrewsbury based business coach observed some valuable lessons on how to maximise a company's earning potential. Here, Alan Adams of Horizons Consultants shares some advice on customer engagement and its rewards.
A Shrewsbury based Insolvency Practitioner examines recent court cases where people claiming to be company directors were found not to be. Eddie Hunt of Burton Sweet Corporate Recovery says the cases will set a precedent for more challenges.
The 2012 Shrewsbury Folk Festival sold out in record time - but the team behind the successful event has announced a series of extra concerts from September to April. You can catch an array of acts and artists at The Hive in Shrewsbury.
Licensed insolvency practitioner, Tim Corfield of Griffin & King, says that investigations into what has made Spain's banking situation become so uncertain could take years. He says security needs to come from the banks holding more capital and reserves.
Employers need to ensure they get their pay structure correct this summer, says a Shrewsbury tax specialist. With such a big few months coming up, more students will be looking for work as people take time off to enjoy events such as the Olympics.
The current economic problems are stressful for many people - and could even be causing some to sweat more than usual says The Shrewsbury Skin Clinic. The clinic offers treatment to help banish Hyperhidrosis (excess sweating) if you are a sufferer.
The Shrewsbury and District Senior Citizens Bowls League will be asked at their annual meeting in January if they can lower the age of membership. Although still a popular pastime in the area, it is hoped that this will encourage more people to join in.
Leading West Midlands insolvency practitioners Griffin & King look at a report that has analysed the so called 'zombie' companies - which may be slowing down the economy recovery process. The report questions whether these companies should be supported.
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