Shrewsbury law firm helps couples injured abroad
8th June 2012
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Leading Shrewsbury based solicitors, Lanyon Bowdler, have years of experience when it comes to helping people make claims after a trip abroad goes awry.

Travel overseas, whether for business or pleasure, is usually an enjoyable and interesting experience. But a bout of food poisoning or being involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault can result in devastating complications.

Making a successful claim for compensation requires specialist knowledge of the legal processes in the country where the incident occurred.  

Lanyon Bowdler has extensive experience in handling claims for clients in many countries, most recently dealing with claims arising out of accidents in India, Spain, France (including the Grenoble coach crash in 2006, representing 23 claimants, one of whom suffered a serious brain injury), Finland, Belgium and Thailand.  

As a result of this skill-set, the firm is launching a dedicated team of lawyers, able to assist those who feel they may be entitled to compensation as a result of an event which happened whilst travelling abroad.  

The team, headed by award winning solicitor Neil Lorimer, comprises solicitors Gayle Kinsey and Louise Howard together with legal assistant Phyllis Smith.  

Gayle recently came close to taking what was believed to be the first case to trial - where an English Court would rule on new European legislation requiring Spanish law to be applied to assessing compensation.  

Gayle acted for Paul Grove and Lucy Rea who were returning from a holiday in Morocco when their vehicle was struck by a recovery vehicle in Spain causing it to leave the road.  

As a result both suffered nasty injuries. The case settled at the door of the court. They recovered more damages than if English law had applied to the case. This claim highlighted the difference between Spanish and English Law and demonstrated the need to ensure a suitably knowledgeable lawyer is instructed.

Claimant Mr Grove said: “It was clear from the outset that our case was not going to be straightforward. Although this was the first time such a case had been presented in the UK, Gayle was able to advise us of the complexities that were involved.

"The advantages of bringing our claim in an English court was also explained which avoided the need to return to Spain for any court proceedings. As Gayle was able to advise and guide us through these complexities it ultimately lead to maximising the damages we were awarded.”

Gayle added: “Many people will not be aware that, even if an accident happens in a foreign country, very often you can bring a claim for compensation in the courts of England and Wales, and it is not necessary to instruct the solicitor your travel insurance company may recommend.

"As there are varying limitation periods associated with different countries - for example, if an accident happens in Spain, there is a 1 year limitation period to bring the claim before the English courts - it is important people contact a travel law specialist as soon as possible on return from their trip.”

For more information, contact Lanyon Bowdler on 01743 280280.

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