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If you're looking for a highly recommended car garage in Norwich to repair, service, MOT or maintain your car, we've got some great options for you to choose from...
If you're trying to find out bus times in Norwich, it can be quite confusing if you are not local, or if you do not often catch the bus.Here is our guide to Norwich buses.
I'm being stalked, by some relentless fools on the telephone. Are you too?
Bike Hire, Oyster Cards for bus travel, Recycling - all my wishes for Norwich seem to be coming true.
BBC Inside Out
BBC Inside Out
In this episode of Inside Out on 15th October 7.30pm BBC1 David Whiteley looks at radical solutions to caring for the elderly across the East, and goes on the road with the Bishop of Norwich.
Watch David Whiteley on Inside Out on Monday 23rd January, finding a way to help young drivers stay legal on the road.
The furore over the campaign to get Liz Truss removed as the Tory Party candidate for SW Norfolk did the county's image no favours. Relief all round then that sanity prevailed in the end.
A challenging time influenced by the heavens and coming through with a little help from my unseen friends.I'm really looking forward to sharing all about this guidance at my next Tao of Tina evening.
Norwich traffic lights
Norwich traffic lights
Why is it that the pedestrian crossing lights in Norwich are so low down that you can't see them? It's funny the things you notice when you move to a new town or city. When we moved to Norwich it took me ages to realise that the green light for pedes
Grumpy old men in Norwich
Grumpy old men in Norwich
What is it with grumpy old men? This week I seem to keep bumping into them. On Monday I was cycling back with my shopping and because my bike was overloaded I went on the pavement rather than wobbling around the road. Most of the pavements here are f
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