Is it me or can everyone feel it?
23rd August 2009
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I have had a busy and productive couple of weeks, however I can't help noticing there has been a bit of a common theme, with a lot of people I have been meeting experiencing chaos, turbulance and control issues.

Some of you reading this will have been to my Tao of Tina Evening last month when I spoke about Calming Chaos through postive creation and I certainly personally have been challenged in that area!! What is interesting is, it appears so have lots of you! It has come to my attention that a lot of the issues seem to be about control, feeling out of control, losing control, not being in control or even being urged to take control!

I feel blessed that I get a lot of help from my unseen friends and although some of the situations that have arisen have tested my patience they have also taken a great deal of courage to continue to trust and not fall into old patterns and behave in a totally negative and uncreative manner. 

What has also kept me going is the signs and signals that have allowed me to keep my energy light and see the funny side of things when I have been feeling anything but Joy. I have heard a lot of song lyrics and at the most appropriate times and I can't wait to share this with you all in more detail at my next evening which is this Wednesday at the Nelson. So If the universe seems to be sending you rain, make sure you look for the rainbows.....

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