Norwich traffic lights
25th April 2009
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Why is it that the pedestrian crossing lights in Norwich are so low down that you can't see them?

It's funny the things you notice when you move to a new town or city. When we moved to Norwich it took me ages to realise that the green light for pedestrians to cross at traffic lights was at waist level, rather than eye level like most other cities.

I'd stand at the lights in Red Lion Street, in a daydream waiting for the lights to change, not realising that they had already turned green for me to cross - I just couldn't see them!

It can't be because Norwich people are shorter than everyone else, so I presume it's so that they are more visible to wheelchair users. The number of times I see people getting confused because the lights have changed to green and they can't see them.

I still do it myself, even after 3 years of walking around Norwich.

What do you think? Does it annoy you? Do you know why they are so low down? And why is Norwich different from everywhere else?

Or do you just not bother with crossing at the lights?

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