Grumpy old men in Norwich
8th April 2009
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What is it with grumpy old men? This week I seem to keep bumping into them.

On Monday I was cycling back with my shopping and because my bike was overloaded I went on the pavement rather than wobbling around the road. Most of the pavements here are for bikes and pedestrians and I thought I'd do the last pedestrian stretch slowly on my bike. Now I'm not a boy racer, I cycle slowly and get off the bike when I meet pedestrians.

I stopped to wait for an old man to walk past and he started telling me off for cycling on the pavement!

Then today, I caught the bus into Norwich. It was packed full and when I got on I let 2 old ladies past so that they could have the last seats at the back of the bus. I accidentally brushed against an old man whilst letting them past and he started moaning that I was sitting on his lap!!

Trying to do a good deed and getting moaned at - and since when did men complain when you sit on their lap - or is that I'm no longer quite so young and pretty?

It must be the week for grumpy old men.

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