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Yes you can if you have a switched on estate agent working with you.
Many cats and dogs are afraid of loud noises. Some may go on to develop a phobia, which means they experience an extreme reaction to a particular stimulus or trigger, such as noise. Phobias get worse over time and most pets don’t tend to ‘grow out of’ a phobia. Preparation is very important if your pet is to get through firework night or a similar event, with the minimum of fear and stress. Resolving your pet’s firework fear or phobia is all about developing an action plan. Whether you are planning ahead or have left it till the last minute, there is still something you can do to help your pet.
Research from Santander shows that if a borrower took out a £200,000 mortgage over 25 years, and paid back an extra £10 per month they could save £1,146 in interest* and become mortgage-free four months earlier. If the borrower overpaid £100 each month on the same mortgage amount and term a saving of £9,948 in interest could be saved and the borrower could be mortgage free three years sooner!
RICHARD Winterton Auctioneers has enjoyed a record January, starting 2019 with a star month.
A LIMITED edition silver box celebrating the Queen’s 1977 Jubilee and enamelled with an idyllic scene of Lichfield Cathedral is among a number of newly discovered items linked to the city. Now Lichfield’s auctioneer Richard Winterton is on a quest to discover more treasures related to the area.
A MIRROR belonging to the captain of the ill-fated liner the Titanic is expected to fetch thousands when it goes up for auction in Lichfield this December.
House Clearance and Downsizing
House Clearance and Downsizing
Often the circumstances which require a house clearance can be stressful or emotional. Using the services of a reputable company at this time could save you hours and money.
Has it been a while since you did anything with your kitchen?
Find a funeral director in Lichfield who can help you arrange a funeral that’s fitting for your loved one
Is 2017 the year you’re going to make the jump and move house?
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