Keep Your Patio Clean All Year Round
21st June 2021
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Is your patio looking weathered or stained?

Patios require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best and whilst brushing will keep the surface clear, there are stubborn stains that are harder to remove.

Did you know that the surrounding area of your home and different seasons can affect the state of your patio?

  • Spring – this is the time to clean your patio following the build up of growth, dirt and debris from the winter months.
  • Summer – when the sun is shining, you will want to enjoy your outdoor space by having food and drinks with friends and family.  Ensure you clean any spillages as they occur to reduce the risk of staining. 
  • Autumn – the falling leaves of autumn can stain your patio if they are not removed, use a good brush to regularly sweep the area keeping it clear.
  • Winter – if you use salt on an icy patio to help prevent slipping, this can cause discolouration.

A dirty patio looks unsightly and can be slippy but cleaning it can be difficult and you may need to consider the help of a professional patio cleaner - someone who has the right products and tools to help it look its best and give it a longer life.

Lichfield Drive and Patio Cleaning have years of experience in patio cleaning in Lichfield and can remove all stains and spots from drives, patios and walls leaving your exteriors just the way you want them.  Why not give them a call for a FREE quotation?

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