The Most Caring Carpet Cleaner In Lichfield
21st September 2021
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Hi, I am Karen, and in my opinion the most caring carpet cleaner Lichfield has to be us. I usually work in the office but, I recently spent a morning out on a van with Richard, my boss.

We went to the home of an elderly lady to clean her lounge carpet.  She had used us before and was really pleased to see Rich, she recognised him immediately.

Being The Most Caring Carpet Cleaner In Lichfield Starts With How We Look

All of us wear our Knight & Doyle uniform, so people know exactly who we are, and we have Knight & Doyle Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning branded vans. This shows people they are dealing with a reputable company, and the St Giles logo we are very proud to have on our vans, is another badge of reliability, because the hospice wouldn’t deal with any Tom, Dick or Harry. 

We always move the furniture for our clients and are always very respectful and courteous.  So when Rich did this, it was no surprise to me.  What did make me very proud was the way Rich decided to tackle the job.  This lady was a bit unsteady on her feet, and we needed to move her out of her comfy recliner chair in the lounge so we could clean her carpet.

Fetching a chair and cushions from the dining room, we put this in the kitchen and using her walking frame gently helped her into the chair and made sure she was comfortable, safe and had a magazine.

So we could get her back into her recliner chair as quickly as possible Rich decided to do the job in sections.  This took us longer, but her safety and comfort was the most important thing. We moved her recliner and coffee table and did that third of the room first.  We put the recliner back exactly where it had been, and the coffee table. Because everything was strategically placed for her to reach her essential items such as the telly remote!

We got her back into her recliner chair as soon as we could.  The back door needed to be open to help the drying process so we wrapped her up in a blanket and got on with the rest of the room as quickly as we could.  You see, it was pretty well planned that I was able to help Rich that morning.  I did all the junior tasks like emptying buckets of waste water down the drain in the road (never down a client’s sink!). I also failed miserably at winding up all the pipes and wires in just the right way – but I will learn.

When the lady’s carer arrived, we gladly moved things out of her way so she could carry out her tasks without any hindrance, as she only had a few minutes. Before we left, we made sure the telly was plugged in and working as we had had to move it to clean the corner of the room. This was really important to this lady, she had a trades person before who had really messed up her telly, which is her main form of company. Rich and I were only too pleased to make sure everything was working and put back exactly right.

Why Being The Most Caring Carpet Cleaner In Lichfield Matters So Much

Our technicians are sometimes the only person our elderly clients will see that day. Rich has told me of several instances where he has had to help someone, or even once call an ambulance as he was the first person to find someone after a fall.

Although jobs may take us longer, we always have time for a chat. Some of our clients we know pretty well because they use us every year without fail and we really appreciate their loyalty. We also make sure their loyalty is rewarded. Take a look at our Offers Page on our website to see how.

In my role as Marketing Manager, I follow up after every job with a courtesy phone call and I love chatting to our clients. Just last week a lady told me she had used us since 2012 and another lady told me all about her daughter who lives in Devon. I know that I am sometimes the only friendly voice our clients may hear that day. From start to finish good old fashioned customer care is what matters to all of us at Knight & Doyle.

Cleaning carpets and upholstery is what we do, but it is the way that we do it that makes us the most caring carpet cleaner Lichfield

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