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Why laughter is good for you
Why laughter is good for you
We all enjoy a good laugh and is it any wonder when we can get such great benefits from doing something so simple and easy?
Stress levels are on the rise in Leicester and around the country. Read on to learn how keeping fit can be a cost-effective way of coping with life.
Ninety Six Degrees is the fashionable coffee shop in Braunstone Gate. This delightfully classy little coffee shop is tasteful and inviting.
Overindulged this summer?
Overindulged this summer?
Eternal Being of Leicester, taking your Diet and Wellbeing seriously.
Looking to get really fit? Know what you want to achieve but not sure how to get there? You want to be fitter and look your sexy best? Great, but becoming and remaining fit is about much more. Finding the right advice and choosing the best course of action is important in avoiding injury and dissatisfaction.
How rich is your diet? and what are the effects on your body?
Team Fighting Fit presents The Summer Beach Body Project - By Fahad Maniar – Head Coach 7 steps to ensure you are in the best shape for your summer holiday this year and have more confidence without feeling like a sack of spuds!
Back in 2015 Serial Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck was asked "What's your biggest lesson you've learned this year". His answer? "INVEST IN MY HEALTH"!
Escaping the stress of life
Escaping the stress of life
When life becomes a little stressful press pause, take time out and focus on yourself for a moment.
It’s incredibly easy to make New Year’s Resolutions: what’s not so easy is sticking to them! If year after year you make and break them then this might just be the help you need!
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